Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I think today is Wednesday...

but to be completely honest, I am not sure half of the time! I hate 4 day weeks.

I know, I know. I should love them!

But when we have 4 day weeks, I get so confused as to what day it is. And to top it off, my watch battery died, so really, I am about at lost as one can get. 

Mississippi is not completely ready for Spring (apparently) because today the weather was rainy and 50 degrees after a glorious 75 and sunny yesterday. Needless to say, no recess. Oh, and the counselor was at a meeting today at County Office, and my class had counseling, so no specials class either.

Have I mentioned that I just returned from maternity leave...YESTERDAY.

So, to help pass the time (of which I was completely oblivious to) we wrote letters to my maternity sub thanking her for working with my class while I was gone. 


Were they perfect? Of course not. But I am sure she will love them!


Our writing standard this week was composing a friendly letter. BAM. Finished. Done. Thanks.

Bring on Thursday!!

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