Monday, July 25, 2011

Mixed emotions

This is Charlie. He is a Lab/Australian Shepherd mix, and basically is mine and Will's child. He will be one year old on August 25th. 

I decided to blog about my dog today, since he has been on my mind all day long. At this very moment, he is in a cage at the Vet's office. He has been extremely sick for the past few days, so I took him to Dr. Diffy's office first thing this morning. He has a stomach blockage (she thinks) and will probably undergo stomach surgery sometime tomorrow. I think I have cried enough today to fill a 5 gallon bucket. Will even got teary eyed over dinner.  I will update tomorrow when I have more definite answers as to what is wrong with my love.

On a brighter note, my room is beginning to look more like a room! It is still a little mass chaos, but slowly it is evolving to a pretty good looking kindergarten room. Check out my door!

When it is finished, it should look almost like the cover of the book! I am pretty proud of myself for this one! I may not make cute units with cute clipart, but by gosh I can cover a door!

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