Thursday, September 1, 2011

All Aboard for Common Core!

So, I spent the day in a training session for the lovely Common Core. I still have a few questions, but I feel better about what I and my Kinder team are doing in the classroom. I am excited to talk to more teachers and see how they are incorporating Common Core at their school.

Speaking of Common Core, we are in our color unit, and did the cutest activity for the book Mouse Paint. I have to give a shout out to Kim Adsit, who gave us the idea at our 2 day Title Conference this summer. She is Ah-mazing! I thoroughly enjoyed her two sessions that I sat in on. The activity uses marshmallows and colored cake icing to show how primary colors mix to make the secondary colors! So freakin' cute! So, the students are not only getting to make colors, they are also getting a nice snack.

My kiddos are super sweet! My school is super awesome and I thank God each day on my five minute drive to work that He placed me exactly where I needed to be. And I am sure that He is going to get me through this process of learning Common Core.


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