Thursday, August 25, 2011

Where it all goes Down.. and a Birthday!

Happy 1st Birthday Charlie!!!

Okay okay, now to the main reason I am posting today! Where it all goes down! I honestly don't have many pictures of the room, but the ones I have pretty much tell all.
This is my reading loft. All kindergarten classes come standard with one in my school. My kiddos love this! My best friend handmade my pillows for me. Each day my class visits the loft. They choose a pillow and a book and read. Well, look at pictures haha! I want them to be comfortable while they are reading, so if it means that they lay down, then I am down with that. 

This is my nook. You can see the cubbies behind my desk that are full of books and binders. You can also see part of my kidney table. The kidney table is actually where my assistant runs the daily math center. I also let students sit there for morning work and snack time.

This is my baby right here!! My whole group area! You see my nice calendar area. We use Everyday math. So if you are familiar with this, than you know that there are 8 daily routines that we have to do. All but 2 are on the board. You can also see part of my Word Wall, my number line, my Morning Message board (which actually turns around and holds my tablet with the weekly poem for Shared Reading), my tv, my projector area (surrounded by bananas), and the sacred Comfy White Chair. 

This, my friend, is where it all goes down!

Leave me some love, or Charlie some birthday wishes!!

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