Saturday, March 23, 2013

Crafty Saturday

So I have been thinking for a few weeks that once I go back to school, I am going to need something to keep my cellphone in since Lila Kate will be at the sitter's house and I, of course, will be checking it constantly the first few days (weeks?!) to see if something is wrong. After many debates (with myself, because Charlie just licked my chin when I asked his advice) I decided that I wanted an apron. Not a full fledged cooking apron, but a waitress one that just ties around your waist. And finding one was easy. I spent a whopping $1.99 (actually I got 20% off with a coupon) on a tan one at the Hobby Lobby! Gotta love that store! A little decoration on the 2 pockets, and wah la - a perfect teacher's apron! One side will hold the handy dandy iPhone and the other will hold my PBIS tickets for good behavior along with whatever else I feel the need to carry around all day.

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