Monday, March 25, 2013

I'm Linking Up!!

This week's Linky is the noun game - favorite person, place, thing, and animal!
1. PERSON - Can I have a tie? These are my 2 favorite people!!
Will and I married in June of 2009 and little Miss Lila Kate was born 9 weeks ago! This was taken on Valentine's day (notice her hearts!!)
2. PLACE - Charleston, S.C.
Will and I visited Charleston while we were in college. A little Spring Break trip. Absolutely beautiful and I don't even know how to begin describing the shrimp and grits! Love the lo' country!! This picture was taken on Rainbow Row. Each house is a different color, because back during the war, drunk soldiers could find their quarters by looking for a particular colored house. True story. I learned that on the buggy tour :)
3. THING - Here comes my nerdiness :)
Yes, yes, my SMARTboard is pretty much the most amazing thing I have acquired while teaching! Kindergarten was the last grade to receive them, but Santa visited right before Christmas break with these gifts!! Also, the coffee cup in my hand runs a close second. Not the cup itself, but the coffee that's inside it!! :)
4. ANIMAL - Charles Brown Everitt, aka Charlie
Charlie entered the family in October of 2010. He has been one of the biggest blessings in our lives, besides LK of course. He was our first child. I always tell people that I have a 4-legged child and a 2-legged child. Charlie has been around for everything. He has taken road trips to KY with us. He was the only person home with me when I went into labor! He is the best big brother to Lila Kate!
Oh and have you seen this commercial??
I swear I tear up every time it comes on!! That is CHARLIE! Well not really, but it is a chocolate lab like Charlie!



  1. Found your blog via the linky. Your little one is adorable. I miss those itty bitty days. The cuddle time was always the best! Jealous of that Smartboard. Had one at my old school, but at my new school. :(


  2. I love that your favorite thing is your smart board. We have activboards at our school and I'm head over heels in love with mine. we have had a nasty virus at school so we haven't had access to our computers for a few days and everyone has been walking around in a daze. Once you start teaching with them, it's hard to teach without it.

    My Kinder-Garden

  3. Just found you through the linky party. Your family is adorable!