Thursday, March 14, 2013


Here I sit on a Thursday night. Most of my teacher friends are on Spring Break trips with their families. I, however, have been on "break" since January 17 :)

Meet Lila Kate!! This sweet thing has kept me well occupied since she arrived January 17. A snow day. Yes, my child would be the one to arrive on a day that we just so happened to not be in school LOL. Needless to say, teaching has been the LAST thing on my mind, but in the past week I have come to the realization that I return to my classroom in just a few short weeks and needed some motivation. Sooo, I pulled up my blog that I have severely been neglecting! And, as I guessed it would, I have been inspired once more to bring out the creative, awesome teacher that I know is somewhere under all the love and adoration for LK that has been filling up my body!

So, thanks to all the blog authors that I follow. You all have given me the motivation I need!!

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